2 12 2011

I can’t believe this year has flown by so quickly.

Just yesterday I was complaining about how hot it was and going to Reno and getting this new job and being nervous about meeting the kids. And now half the school year is gone! Insanity!

Yesterday the kids wrote postcards. I have mentioned that I got really into writing postcards this summer (if you haven’t received one, give me an address and you will!) and I brought some in so the kids could get in on the fun.  They were so excited.

I can’t get over how excited they are about everything. Like, old marshmallows that we used for an experiment. They were gross and dried out and not interesting at all but the kids thought they were the most interesting things on the planet. And these postcards. They planned out what they wanted to write on and drafted it on a piece of paper before writing them out carefully on a postcard that they chose. They spread the postcards out over the table and pored over them, touching them and picking them up and holding them carefully in front of their eyes. They are so serious. They chose their postcards to reflect what they were saying in their notes or because they thought the person they were sending them to would like it. These kids are so sweet.

And it was just Thanksgiving, which is my second favorite holiday. I like being thankful. I like spending time with my family and friends. And I really like cranberries.

I’m looking forward to winter break even though I’m going to miss my kids. I do have doctor stuff coming up. I’ve got an MRI coming up in a couple of weeks to check things out (yay barium!) and then my appointment with my new doctor. And then I’ve got time filled with ugly sweater parties and family and spending time with friends. I get to bake and attempt to crochet and maybe go out to Michigan and visit more of the people that I love.

I’m rambling a little bit, but I’m just happy to have all of these things in my life. All of these people to love and this job and seeing things as if they were new every day through the eyes of my kids. I am incredibly blessed. A lot of people spend time feeling bad for what I go through with my health, but I wouldn’t trade any of that for a life without Crohn’s. And Crohn’s has taught me how to appreciate it.





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8 12 2011

We don’t celebrate thanks giving here, but i guess it would be nice to.

Hope your having some good Christmas fun though!

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