15 01 2012

I haven’t posted in quite a while. Since my fantastic news about my last doctor appointment.

I’ve been struggling with what to write and what to share. The day that I had that great news I learned that my grandma was diagnosed with cancer, and that the cancer she has is really intense and fast moving. This has been tough for us all. Our family is small but we love each other fiercely. It’s hard because we don’t live in the same state, but I want to be able to see her as much as I can right now.

My grandma is an incredible woman. She taught me that dessert should always be high calorie and that friends should be treasured. She is dedicated to her church and her family and knows more people than I can dream of. She knits and crochets and cross stitches like nobody’s business and the things she creates are incredible.

What I’m trying to say is that I’ve been avoiding sharing this. I’ve been avoiding updates because this is what I’ve been thinking about lately. But our family is strong and we love each other the way we are meant to love and so I’m sharing this with you to ask for prayers yet again. These things are hard. These things will always be hard, and even though our faith is strong, we are still sad.

Today, remember the people in your life that you love and that love you. I am so glad to have the time right now to call my grandma as often as I can and just have conversations about snow and pajamas and my friends and hers. I’m glad to be able to visit and bake her a cake. I’m glad that I have the kind of relationship with her that has no regrets, just love.




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19 01 2012

Hey, I really hope your feeling okay! I’m sorry to hear about your grandmother. I’m not the kind of person who really prays a lot but I’ll be praying for your family.

24 01 2012

Thank you Thomas! Your comments mean a lot- thanks for reading and your continued support 🙂

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