29 01 2012

Life gets busy.

I’m the type of person that isn’t happy if I sit around all day. So I often find myself with more to do than I have time for, but that’s how I’m happiest. It leaves me little time for updates and blogging though.

I’ve been going to a new church and working on getting connected in a ministry for people in their 20’s. We have been focusing on telling our stories lately, the why we are who we are stories that explain so much. It is incredible how willing people are to share and how honest they are.

I started to think about what makes my story and so much of who I am comes from what I’ve been through and experienced. That means so much of who I am comes from my disease. I have been made stronger through my weakness and I have been taught to have faith through those moments as well.

I wish I had been able to think about and verbalize my story today, but I’ve been having an emotional day and all I could think about is my grandma. That hit me hard and I got all teary and so I needed to cut it short and move on.

I’m really thankful for the opportunity to meet people who legitimately care. As I was sitting in a circle of girls I didn’t know, crying my eyes out and being all awkward, someone passed me a Kleenex. People have a way of being supportive without even saying a word, and I am blessed continually with people in my life who help me experience that. I am blessed with people who care from the bottom of their hearts and are willing to take on my pain as well as their own. That is amazing to me.

So as busy as I am, I am also being filled up with love by people that I have known forever and by people I have just met. I hope that today you have someone in your life that you can build that kind of relationship with and that you can love them as they love you.




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29 01 2012

They sound like really great people. It makes me wonder where they all hide. Oh hey I hate sitting around doing nothing too! Except when it rains! I hope your grandmothers doing well.

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