3 Years

17 02 2012

On February 6th I forgot the three year anniversary of my surgery.

This was the first year that the date didn’t hold meaning to me. It passed me by and I only realized it later. And that means that finally, three years later, my life seems normal. I don’t think about my ostomy being strange or different, I see it as being a part of me.  And that is glorious.

So on this late anniversary of sorts, I’m celebrating my health and the normalcy of my life. I have been blessed with a second chance at living life the way I am meant to live and just freedom. It is beyond words to think of how far I’ve come from the days where I was chained to the bathroom and had to go 25 times a day or more, to the days where we planned car routes around which roads had the most rest stops, to the days where I couldn’t even think of traveling outside of my comfort zone because my health was so chancy.

It’s a beautiful thing to not have to worry about accidents. And with my Tysabri starting up, I really don’t miss giving myself shots or taking a million pills. It’s just Prednisone for the next couple of months until the new meds kick in and I can’t imagine what life will be like then. Even more normal? Is that possible?




One response

18 02 2012

Its great to see how far you’ve come, even though I only recently began reading your blog I see you’ve been through a lot and are managing to come out on top with a great attitude!

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