Stomach Flu

17 02 2012

The stomach flu is a terrible thing.

It’s bad enough for people without Crohn’s, but you give it to me and i end up puking until there is nothing left to puke and I still keep going. I’m a trooper. And then I end up curled up in the bathroom floor moaning in pain and I have to go to the ER for pain medication and meds to make me stop puking.

So last week I took a couple of sick days to get over it all and I’m finally back on my feet. I’m ready to rock. Plus we get a four day weekend with conferences and President’s Day and I have to say I love working on a school schedule. Wonderful!!





One response

18 02 2012

Sorry u were so sick ! But at least your better now! And presidents day? haha I actually had to look that one up!

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