19 05 2012

It never fails that when I’m finally feeling better, my brother goes downhill.

Josh was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday and still is not allowed food. He’s stuck on clear liquids and anything more sends him into belly pain.

The surgery team is working with him and is hoping to get him well enough to discharge soon, where he is supposed to rest and gain back some weight so they can do a surgery in a couple of months. He has another CT scan scheduled for Monday so we should hear more about their plans on Tuesday.

The poor kid is miserable. He’s hungry and stuck in a small room with nothing to do but stare at a tiny tv on the wall. He’s already read about twelve massive books and has to be getting tired of that as well. I sent him my computer so he could at least watch netflix, but it is hard to get well in a hospital. It seems like that would be the best place, but somehow you get worn out and drained and poked and prodded and he just wants to come home now.

It sounds like he has a fistula, which is when two loops of bowel get connected by a tunnel, and that has been a recurring issue that has caused trouble. He also has been having a severe flare up which has led to incredible inflammation, and with his history of strictures, this narrowing in his gut may lead to blockages- hence his trouble with solid food right now.

He’s dealing with IVs of antibiotics and steroids but I was honestly hoping that he would be able to eat by now and on his way home by Tuesday. If he can’t handle food they won’t let him go, so he might be stuck for a while.

Please pray for him, pray for healing. Pray for strength and patience with doctors and the family that visits and annoys him (me, mostly. I can be obnoxious.) Pray for the next few months for him, that he can be safe and, at the end of this journey, well.

Thank you, readers, for your love for us. We appreciate it.




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20 05 2012

Hey Melissa! Its nice to read another post but unfortunate that its under these circumstances. I hope Josh’s situation improves quickly! Do keep us updated on his situation! I know how boring the hospital can be so hopefully he can leave soon!

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