Brother’s Surgery

15 06 2012


Josh’s surgery is done.

They were going to do it laparoscopically but they found that his abcesses were wrapped around his aorta, so they had to do an almost 12 inch incision and open him up. They removed quite a bit of small intestine, leaving him with about 300 cm and he has to have a temporary ostomy until he gets his Crohn’s under control. When he is well again they will do another surgery to reverse his ostomy and hook him back up.

What this means is this. We have to get this kid healthy again. He doesn’t seem to know when he’s getting sick and he can’t let it get this bad again. We have to find a medicine that works for him, and if that means Tysabri then we need to start it now so it has a chance to start working. That’s hard to think about waiting 3-6 months for him to be well, but there aren’t a lot of options left for him. Or me. And now with his surgical procedure and ostomy I believe he is in my boat of not qualifying for most medical trials for new medications.

Crohn’s disease is frustrating and exhausting and heartbreaking. I never want my little brother to feel like this. Please keep him in your prayers to help him heal and get well.





6 responses

15 06 2012
Sara Webster

I’m praying for him! Breaks my heart. I love you guys.

17 06 2012

Its horrible that he has to go through this but im sure he is very thankful that he has someone who understands how it feels to help him. Best of luck, he’ll get through this quick!

2 11 2012

Its been a while since you posted here (not that you have to) but I was just wondering if everything was good?

29 08 2013

Woah lol… 2/11/2012… it’s nearly been a year and I’m still coming back here to check this haha. I hope that you are doing so well you just stopped writing on this. That’d be really cool! I guess I’ll check back in a few months lol

1 09 2014

Well… It’s 2014 now, been 2 years since that post. When I look back my life hasn’t changed all that much. I wonder about yours though. I don’t know what makes me remember to come here and comment but something does.

15 12 2015

Hey.. 2015.. Here I am. It’s almost the new year. I’ve turned this comments section into my own blog. I still wonder about you.

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